Wikipaisa:What is it?

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Wikipaisa is a project of some Wikipedians to do something similar with their own Region in Colombia. The idea was to provide material for children and youth from the people that in Colombia is identied as The Paisa. In this sense, the material would interest in special to the people of the place and those from outside interested in the history and culture of this part of the South American country.

Why then a Wikipaisa in English? There are many paisas abroad, especially to the United States and many in Europe. Many Paisa families have settled in those countries and their children are growing there. Wikipaisa in English is addressed to them, to those who are far from the dear mountain region and want to know it better and look for their roots.

We encourage those Paisas abroad to participate in our project, to keep contact with their Mother land and to contribute in the growing and quality of our idea.

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