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This Portal about the Deparment of Antioquia was created to guide and help in the development of all the information about Antioquia in English. Welcome to help in make Antioquia well known in the first international language.

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I'm sure you didn't know that...

  • Antioquia Department is with Ecuador one of the most mountanois regions of America and, with Tibet, one of the most mountanois of the world?
  • For this fact Antioquia was an isolated region since the Spaniard Conquest until the end of the 19th Century and outsiders did not feel atractive to go there because they thought the mountains were a very difficult place to live?
  • That it was President Pedro Justo Berrío - President of the State of Antioquia at the time of the United States of Colombia - the one who started an authentic industrial revolution that open the progress for Antioquia and changed the history of Colombia in the 20th Century?

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