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  • We are in the Feria de Manizales, one of the most important festivals of Colombia. The Feria is the first Fiesta Brava or Toros of the American Continent started in 1951 to commemorate the first Anniversary of the foundation of Manizales City at the foot of the Nevado del Ruiz Mountain. The program includs also the election of Miss Café 2007 with the participation of beauties from different countris producers of coffee.
  • Also in the Caldas Department, at the heart of the Eje Cafetero, the Carnaval del Diablo (Carnival of Devil)... But, nothing to fear, it is the good diabolos of joy and peace, one of the most curious carnival of the world, celebrated every two years in this Paisa town that was at the beginning two towns and a war. The coming of a peace agreement and the join of the two cities to make one, was celebrated with this Feast that atracts thousand of peoples from everywhere.
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  • No all Paisas are Antioqueans, not all Antioqueans are Paisas...
  • The word "Paisa" is the short in Spanish of Paisano (Countryman) and it is possible originated in the old conflicts of Cali and the so called Estado de Antioquia during the 19th Century. The Calenians used the word as a pejorative way to called the soldiers of the Antioquean army (it is a hypothesis).
  • The word Paisa has other meanings in other contexts:
    • In some regions of Latin America it is the way the people called the Chinese etnia.
    • In Panama, Ecuador and sometimes in Venezuela, it is the way the people called the Colombians, even if they are not from the Paisa Region.
    • In the Choco Department it is the way the people called any white person coming from other regions (Colombians especially).
    • In Honduras it is the way the people called somebody who is in prison.
    • In Costa Rica it is the way people called anybody coming from Nicaragua.
    • In India it is an old coin.


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