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Caldas is a Department of Colombia. It has a population of 898.490 inhabitants according with DANE/2005. The total area of the Department is 7.291 Kms sq. The Capital of this province is the City of Manizales founded in 1845 by Antioquean colonizers coming from what is today the Southeast of Antioquia. The Department is a part of the Coffee Axel and the Paisa Region. It is located in a very mountanois region between the Cauca and Magdalena rivers and the Central and East Andean Range of Colombia. The name, "Caldas", was given in honor of Francisco José de Caldas (1768 - 1816), one of the Fathers of the Colombian Nation who fought the Spaniards for freedom at the begining of the 19th Century and was executed by them on October 28, 1816. The inhabitants of the Department are called "Caldenses" and the main human group is the Paisa.


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  • The City of Manizales was founded in 1845 by Antioquean groups from what is today the Southeas of Antioquia?
  • The Caldas territory was under the patronage of Popayan and Mariquita before the so called "Antioquean Colonization"?
  • The Department of Caldas was created in 1905 from the Antioquean territory as a way to calm down the tensions between Medellin and Cali?
  • Caldas is located at the heart of the most importan Coffee region of the world?

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